Continuing Your Care

At ASAProsthetics (ASAP) we embrace the opportunity to continue caring for you and your prosthetic needs beyond the initial fitting.

As a person living with an amputation(s), it is of upmost importance to stay in contact with your prosthetic care provider so modifications can be made as you progress in the use of your prosthetic or as you encounter changes in your lifestyle. Living with a prosthesis can be challenging and most patients continue to experience physical and/or anatomical changes months or even years after undergoing an amputation. Even if your prosthesis fit perfectly at the time of delivery, it is not uncommon to experience changes that may result in necessary adjustments. Allow the ASAP team to continue caring for you!

  • Checkup
  • Maintenance
  • Replacement

Whether you are already part of the ASAP family or an individual living with a prosthesis from another care provider looking for new care, you may need a prosthetic checkup if…

  • You have not seen or contacted your prosthetist in the last 6 months
  • You have experienced weight gain or loss of 10 lbs
  • Your functional/activity level has changed
  • Your prosthesis just doesn’t feel as good as it used to

Please contact our office at 832.813.5278 if you are in need of a prosthetic checkup


To keep your prosthesis functioning properly, it is necessary to maintain it. As you begin to improve as a prosthetic user, it is important to allow us to adjust the prosthesis to develop with you. Typical adjustments or maintenance requirements are…

  • Some prosthetic feet, knees, hands, and elbows require regular maintenance. At the time of delivery, you should have been informed of routine maintenance needs. If you have a device requiring special maintenance needs please contact us at the recommended time. If you are unsure, please call and we will be happy to discuss it with you.
  • Gait/alignment changes to your prosthetic device. As a prosthetic user begins to gain confidence and adapt to mobility with a prosthesis, your gait may change and alignment adjustments may be necessary to accommodate your improving abilities.
  • Prosthetic Supplies such as: liners, suspension sleeves, prosthetic socks, etc. All of these items should be maintained and in proper working condition while utilizing your prosthesis.

Please contact our office 832.813.5278 if you think you require maintenance to your prosthesis.


The effective lifetime of a prosthesis is dependent on activity level and lifestyle. By performing regular checkups and necessary maintenance, the lifetime of your prosthesis may be extended. Even with the best of care, however, a prosthesis will eventually wear out and require replacement. A socket normally requires replacement if any of the following takes place:

  • The socket no longer fits. Some amount of adjustments and accommodations can be made to a prosthesis, but a point may be reached where additional adjustments are no longer possible to accommodate your fit.
  • A substantial change has occurred in the size or shape of your residual limb.
  • The existing socket is worn out, broken, or cracked from years of continual prosthetic use.
  • An additional surgery is performed on your residual limb.

Please contact our office at 832.813.5278 if you are experiencing symptoms that may indicate that a replacement is necessary.